Big Data As A Service

What are we offering?

On Demand data analytics infrastructure with a guaranteed turn around (negotiated at customer sign up) time. We will create the necessary infrastructure the first time, process data, hibernate the setup until next use. Customers can choose to store the data or have it deleted. When additional data is available and/or additional analysis is required, customer specific infrastructure is “woken up”, new data added to the database(s) and queries are processed as needed.

Why can’t I do this myself?

Data analytics infrastructure is expensive to create, use and maintain. The initial hardware (and sometimes, software) costs can be prohibitively high. Ongoing maintenance requires one or more dedicated resources at significant cost, increasing the TCO even further. In reality, most companies do not need a data analytics platform to operate 24/7. Usage frequency varies by industry, market conditions and external factors such as shareholder sentiment. So, why pay for infrastructure that is used may be once a week (or month)?

How does it work?

We collect data from the customers - either by direct upload or a disk mailed to our office, along with the questions they need answered. For a retailer, question could be “how are we doing with product group during winter months?” We will answer this question based on the supplied POS data. As a value-add, we could also “mine” the social media for customer sentiment, and perform predictive analysis. Another question could be “how happy are our customers with our service?” By analyzing data from the customer service application and social media, we could help them answer that question.

Tools and technologies used:

Primarily, we will use HADOOP, Map/Reduce, Pig, Hive, and HBase to store and process data, using as many processing nodes as necessary for the data in question. Additional data analytics tools may be employed as needed.

Value proposition:

Cost of the service is determined based on the size and complexity of data and the questions to be answered. Data storage will be fixed at $100/month per terabyte (or part thereof) of data. There is no additional cost to the customer for any software or hardware used to process their data. They only pay for importing, processing and storage if needed.

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