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Organizations create few thousands to millions of documents every year depending on their size. The documents are indexed and stored which will eventually lead to large boxes of papers and storage problems. Once the documents are stored, your employees have to waste a lot of time in retrieving a single document. This causes a loss in productivity and workflow in today’s competitive environment.

M3 Consulting’s Unified DMS service aims to solve these problems with modern scanning, expert indexing and cloud storage repository with secure encryption.

Unify DMS

Unify DMS is a customizable service designed to help your organization convert paper documents into digital copies and reduce the hassle while retrieval. Unify DMS helps in overcoming the drawbacks of physical documents and accelerate transition into a more digital work space.

Features and benefits of Unify DMS:

  1. Reducing cost involved in storage of paper documents
  2. The digital platform places the document retrieval process at Users’ fingertips literally
  3. Enhanced security to information with encryption
  4. Increased staff efficiency and productivity
  5. Reduce risk for the organization

How does it work?

Unify DMS is highly customizable to meet every organization needs. There are three stages in the process of digitising the paper documents:


M3 Consulting will collect documents from your site and deliver it to a team of professionals who will prepare the documents for scanning. We use the latest scanners to obtain the best resolution of the documents to ensure quality is maintained throughout the process. A quality control team is assigned to sample and check whether scan quality is maintained.

Indexing is a crucial process to ensure data retrieval process is fast and accurate. Our experienced team will handle the scanned files and index them with all possible keywords before storage.


The scanned and indexed data is stored in cloud repository with encryption that provides safety during storage and transmission. You can also assign role-based permission in our platform to enhance security.

Plan Options & Pricing

We offer three flexible plans in Unify DMS service so that you can choose from based on your requirement.

Full-Service plan:

In this plan M3 Consulting will provide end-to-end service from scanning to storage and integration with the Unified DMS platform.

Limited-service plan:

In this plan M3 Consulting will collect scanned files from your organization and index them. After Indexing the data will be stored in the cloud repository and integrated with the Unified DMS platform.

Software Platform only:

M3 Consulting will provide Unified DMS platform in this service for your scanned and indexed data for further use in document retrieval and role-based access.

Feature Full-Service plan Limited-service plan Software Platform only
Scanning Yes No No
Indexing Yes Yes No
Storage Yes Yes Yes
Document Retrieval Yes Yes Yes
Role based permissions Yes Yes Yes