Software Testing

Software systems are complex – they will even be more complex if changing customer needs and market forces are taken into account. Therefore the number of possible and thinkable tests is very close to infinite, so the challenge of testing is to focus on the important ones. Good and professional testing means to identify and choose a sound and feasible selection of tests – both by sophisticated methods and by gut feeling. Furthermore testing is a learning experience: while testing you will learn and explore more about the product, the technology, the processes, the market and the stakeholders. Learning, exploring, anticipating problems and selecting a doable and efficient set of tests from an infinite amount: that’s – from my point of view - the gist of testing!

Our Delivery Models leverage our domain and testing experience to cater for engagements of all sizes and structures, from a single, onsite consultant to major offshore test programs, to comprehensively address your testing requirements. We closely work with you to tailor a program of support which meets your needs and ensures your systems achieve the quality levels demanded by your customers.

Our testing teams continuously analyze and leverage our experience across engagements to design solutions that deliver long term and measurable improvements aligned to Business and Technology.

Core Testing Services

System & Integration Testing

System Integration Testing is based on black box testing techniques and is designed to provide an objective measurement of the software quality of the deliverables from the software development process. It is used to validate an application’s accuracy and completeness in a ‘real life’ stimulation scenario which occurs once the application has been fully integrated. Interaction with a Graphical User Interface occurs to analyze the results. Systems Integration Testing is widely used and most types of testing can be done under this way of testing. For example, functional, regression, load performance, stress, security, compatibility and user interface testing.

User Acceptance Testing
UAT comes on the final stage and mostly done on the specifications of the end-user or client to ensure that the software is functionally ‘fit for purpose’ and validates an application fulfils predetermined criteria concerning its usability.

Performance Testing
Performance Services are designed to support the delivery of software products and systems that fully meet the performance requirements. By using advanced testing services and tools, we can undertake comprehensive testing to check the scalability of applications while measuring response times under load/stress and Identify Performance bottlenecks.
Performance testing also include Load Testing, Stress Testing and volume Testing.
Apart from the Manual/Functional testing, we offer services with:

  • Functional Automation tools like Selenuim, QTP.
  • Performance testing tools like Load runner
  • Test management tools like Quality Center
  • Bug tracking tools like : bugzilla, JIRA, Team track
  • Compatibility, Security and Web application testing.

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